NieR: Automata Day One Edition 32bit download torrent


NieR: Automata Day One Edition 32bit download torrent

NieR: Automata Day One Edition

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Seeds 27 Peers 49

Never: Automata – One Edition Edition

+ Update 1 + 3C3C1D119440927 DLC + Crack V3

Fixed reupload

Main Ref. 17 March 2 ~ May, 2017

Category / Tags: RPG, Action RPG, Third Person, 3D

Developer: PlatinumGames

Publisher: Square Enix

Platform: PC

Machine: At home

UserVapor Ranking: 79% of Positive Ranking (based on 8971 reviews)

In Interface Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese

Audio pronunciation: English, Japanese

Crack: Built In (BALDMAN V3 + CODEX / ALI213)

Lowest demand:

Operating System:Windows 7/10 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD A8-6500 2100


Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB VRAM or AMD Radeon R9 270X 2GB VRAM

DirectX: 11

Hard Drive: 26 ~ 48GB

Caution! The minimum size of this package is just GB (with lossy video) or GB (original video). View notes for details.

Screen- View the image if you do not see the screen, you will notak the tile


Nier: Automata tells the story of the 2B, 9S and A2 androids and their fight to overtake the engine to drive power dystopia.

Humans have been cast out of the earth by every mechanic from the other world.In the final attempt to return to the planet, the anti-human resistance robots sent troops to destroy the invaders. Now serious war between machinery and war androidsSebuah can reveal long-forgotten truth of the world soon.

Game Features

-Change action battles packed between close players and DistanzangriffenIm against hordes of enemies and challenging bosses through open field cards. Strict control and ultra-conviction are fine for travelers who are easy to learn and make more depth than to run.Experienced gamer. Players can perform high-speed, light and heavy action attacks together and go through the armor, while avoiding enemies with speed and style.

– Cute open world online gameSeamlessly blends Desolate with a beautiful view The undStandorte-undressed landscape is rendered in 60 frames per second and consists of a wealth of subtotals in addition to the main story.

– Experts make stories and charactersNier: Automata tells the story of 2B, 9S and A2dan their fierce battle to restore a dystopian machine driven by powerful weapons, known as a model of machine life.

– RPG toys get different types of weapons,Increase in combat, learn new martial arts and adjust Loadout with their play style.

– Use Pod support system and leave the punch can attack both enemies in the manual and in the lock mode, in. You canBisaperjuangan Outside for help, how to cut the player in the air. The release fruit can be improved during the game, with upgrades, including new attacks and variations.

– Automatic mode for starters to enable automatic mode for simple attack andEvasion.

Wrap feature back

– According to release vapor on May 2, 2017: 48 GB

– baldman Crack V3 used. ALI213 an emu option for those who have problems with CODEX emu, as a NoDVDtersedia folder after installation. Age breaks in this folder

-3C3C1D119440927 DLC included and enabled

– Far away from copyright protection and no-frills games in NoDVD folder after installation, so you can play in full-screen mode.

– 100% Perfect Lossless MD5: All files just like the original,After installation (if the original video and two installiertMit VoicePacks)

– torn NO NO recoded

– Download Download Features: You can download and install the downloadLoncat package and select the video you want to watch:Original or recoded

– Stand alone installed for lossless video only if, after playing with verlustbehafte you need to update them on the original loss

– The size of the archive was significantly less(With 48 GB translated to ~ GB, depending on the selected component)

– Installation of (with verlustbehaftem) video): 20-40 minutes (depending on the system)

– Installation of (with lossless aslivektor): 45 ~ 70 minutes (depending on the system)

– After installation, verify honesty,So you can be sure that everything is properly installed

– Hard disk space after installation: 26 ~ 48 GB

– Language can be changed in competition, solution

– At least 2 GB of RAM (Virtual) required for the installation of this change

РCaution! If you are lucky to have built-in updates for Windows 10, install it on Windows Repack mitKompatibilitätset 7

– Repack by FitGirl


This envelope is suitable for my masterNier Repack Automata. And has been updated so you can rehash a new heavy rainfall.

Lossy Lossless VS

I do not want to compress lossy, but this game proves it is sometimes necessary to use brain development.

On video gamesOn Nier is in 1600×904 solution, not true FullHD. And developers use a high bit rate for them, up to 40 MBbit / SekundeMit 30 FPS.

And I should add that cutscenes (prepared by Game Engine in movie files) take over 50% of game files and fasterGB.

For this reason, I have a choice for you to download a very small archive file with a newly encrypted video.

You look great at 5 ~ 6 Mbit / bit rate, you can download and compare the samples.:

Mirror 1: Zippyshare

Reflection 2: Multiupload

If you are re-encodedtidak such a quality file, you get real. Remember – the choice is always, does not mean you)

Download Select

You can download downloaded files that you do not need.Here is a list of selected documents:

– (Voice of English)

– (Japanese voiceover – make sure you have installed the package before you move to Japan in the fixing competition)

– (original video,1600×904, 40 Mbps)

– (Re-encode video, 1600×904, ~ 5-6Mbps)

For example, ifyou starts the game with English UI / subtitle / voiceovers and wants to start encode video – skip all the selected files.

But download, all important documents(01-04).

Problems during installation?

Read this troubleshooting guide

Two reasons for uploading:

– Package including 4 Endvideos Lossy Video encoded with errors

– The new V3 plan does not work for everyone, so I come to a folderOld Crash Again NoDVD

NieR: Automata Day One Edition


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