Food & Drinks

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanouk Ville are three special places for connoisseurs of Khmer food.

Rice and fish, together with array of herbs, sauces and spices, are the Khmer typical cuisine. Curries and soup with beef, pork, poultry and seafood can be bought from vendors along the streets. Cuisine from all over the world is also found in Cambodia with over 100 restaurants such as European, American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and many others so visitors will be able to have many choices here.

Local cuisine

So many dishes are available and if you are eating at a roadside cafe then you can even make up your own dish. Vegetarians may find a problem with local meals but there is no need to worry as many places have very good menu’s with Vegetarians in mind. Here is a sample selection of local food:

Bacon with sauce. Beef soup. Chicken soup or fowl soup. Beef steak. Beef grill or roast beef. Barbecue pork. Boiled chicken. Braise. Cheese fish with meat. Chilli. Chops. Chowder. Cream cheese. Curry. Curry chicken with potatoes. Chafing dish. Clay-made pot soup. Fish pudding with vegetables. Fried beefs with onion. Fried fish. Fried eggs with onion and mushroom. Fried meat with vegetables. Fried mince-fish with spices. Goat soup. Goulash. Hash. Pork sour soup. Roast pig. Roast chicken. Roast chicken with gravy. Roast duck with gravy. Roast pork with gravy. Roast fish. Salad of meat and vegetables. Stew.

Khmer fruits are rich in all types of vitamins and there is an amazing verity of apples, bananas, coconuts, custard apples, durians, grapes, guavas, hog plums, jackfruits, jujubes, lychees, longans, mangoes, mangosteens, marrows, melons, milk fruits, oranges, palm fruits, papayas, persimmons, pineapples, pomegranates, pomeloes, rambutans, rose apples, sapodillas, tamarinds, tangerines, watermelons plus others that will be found on you travels and they are available all year round at the many markets found in Cambodia.

Local beer

There are many brands available in Cambodia but the most popular ones are
Angkor Beer, Anchor Beer, ABC Beer (Stout), Tiger Beer, and Hennigan Beer.