Midnight Diner 2 trigger full download torrent


Midnight Diner 2 trigger full download torrent

Midnight Diner 2

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Midnight Dinner 2 (JFF) This continuation of “Midnight Dinner” tells the story of the life of many buyers who move late in the courtyard of a Tokyo-based restaurant that operates a chef who is simply known as a master. The film consists of three stories. The first one tellsFor Noriko Akatsuki, Literary Director, always wearing clothes for mourning. The second story is Seiko Takagi, owner of the restaurant’s restaurant room, whose son is in love with a 15-year-old high. In the third story, Yukio Ogawa, an old woman with dementia, loses two million yenAfter being deceived by fraudsters.

Language: Japanese

Classification: U

General information Date of publishing: 09/07/2017


Duration: 1:00 48 minutes

Distributor: CSC Movies

Actors: There I, Mansaku Fuwa, Hisashi Egawa

Directed by: Jada Matsuoka

Format: 2D

Midnight Diner 2


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