Freegate 7.31 x64-x86 fast-dl download free torrent


Freegate 7.31 x64-x86 fast-dl download free torrent

Freegate 7.31

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Freegate is a software anti-censorship, China, Cuba and Iran as countries that allow access to blocked websites. DynaWeb uses software which, as is well known software Vidal, are P2P system uses a proxy server.

DynamicInternet Technologies Inc. It developed the first FreeGate zenChina Company, one of the first software companies anti-caching.

Two ways to use

Freegate two locks are used to ensure a secure and encrypted tunnel dituzentsuratuakrainy.

Freegate as a proxy server or classic mode, you canchoose to run.

You can change the settings to prevent the use of proxy sarvaraKato classic mode, in which you can access the homepage of web pages exekutatzenDynaweb in your browser, and the content saytaNekatoryya are not displayed correctly.

Quick links and numerousother information

Freegate requires no installation. After downloading and running, you can change the settings using duzuFreegate FreeGate proxy address or addresses to access the web site. If you choose to access the Internet through Freegate proxy, you need to change your proxy settings(In most cases, automatically dirazuretzat will vary, depending on your browser); If not, it will start automatically DynaWeb Internet Explorer, blocked dostupsayty. Interface DynaWeb sun especially nice to look at, but it does the trick.

There are four tabs provides informationUs duzuzure, server status, including tunnels and settings. the Server determines which server you are using, and negoviyaSkorost; “Settings” you can view the history and other things like the elimination of programs to change the settings.

Bazarasoftware news of this kind, some of the terminology is confused to wraparound the head, but you can find the ease of use and navigation is relatively easy to start neizpravnostiteNastroykite run.

Your access to censored content

badadirela limits of censorship such as China in the region, reducing the Freegate software and access to blocked websites Facebook, to avoidas YouTube.

Freegate 7.31


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