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Realism at its best

Electronic Arts FIFA 15 forced to make it as close to reality as possible. To achieve this, Ed has added many improvements that affect the game.

New emotion motorToa allows players to react more realistically to perform the pitch,They have failed in a large passage, not a goal. With more than 600 animations that covers the range of emotions you can see on live games including anger or protest FIFA 15hocha to believe you are in real game.

AI, has also been enhanced with a co-processor command to respond to a better-playing situation,With tactics reacting tactically on the pitch.

FIFA 15 includes training tools and the ability to make changes and strategies to simplify to make it easier to use. A new feature is the ability to give the individual tactics of each playing field.Example: The midfield field gives freedom to the opponent’s ball addachytsisk.

Time games, there are two new balance modes: one for Sprint and others, a very offensive strategy (best used when it’s lost). These modes can be used with the slim game and add to the existing five: ultra-protection,Protection, balanced, crime and ultra-crime.

The tumultuous Timo also brings new and exciting opportunities. You can create a concept set to get a relegation and play mode, season friendly to users and compete with sdruzey The ultimate teamIn 1v1 matches.

With a new Hub Hub Day Contest, you can follow news and results about yours.

In short, FIFA 15 has become a playground and follow the virtual and real world soccer respectively.

Improved gameplay

Are accurate with the dribble ball, and now they will have better controltraectorsOf the ball.

By improving physics, sharavayakiravannya looks smoother and more realistic.

One by one in defense is more intense, more strategy requires stealing the ball. If you get a fight, you can try to block the switch, but errors can quickly be added.

GoalkeepersAnd new II so they can respond more realistically to the door. This, combined with the addition of animation, looks at images all the more exciting.

Finally, there are also many good bolts that a single player wants to play: the game will test the ability to playVersus II and calibration of the degree of difficulty based on skills. Difficulty, however, is constantly changing with the settings.

Sewage in the sight

The new graphics will add much needed for updating visual fables 14.

The area now gets degradedAs the game continues and the player model shows grass and spots as the last moment.

Viewers are more involved, adding the necessary layer of realism. Also, there are new sonic effects ball blowing sex.

FIFA 15 now also has advertisements on hand as well as operatorsAnd the ball boys. Decrease-play scenes to set the penalty perfectly, and repeat, finally, the quality you will see when you see a real game.

Exciting near perfection

FIFA 15 demanstrueuse the most innovative FIFA series upgrades.

New physics ball is oneof the best features of FIFA 15, adding a new layer improvement strategy game. The new engine is boosted graphics and animation is impressive and oshtedoprinasyat realism of the game.

Stadiums reproducedBuilt, with attention to detail not seen so farSome soccer match. On the pitch, a surprising response, compared to FIFA 14. The feeling of being able to do what I really want is incomparable.

Upgraded the Ultimate Team’s undisturbed gameplay depth, and can even control the Ultimate Team mobile phone with the officialEA Sports FIFA 15 companion application available for Android and iPhone.

After all, FIFA 15 is the best football game I’ve ever seen. A great jump in the quality of pretrationover is excellent, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Undoubtedly this is a real must have for everyoneA soccer fan.



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