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relive the horror first person borrows from amnesia and classical stations with new features that some persons.

The Outlast need to survive the madness of violence and death in this desolate prytulak.Z story that takes better control and now many investments will survive promisesto morefear. But this?

Blood, guts and blood

survive the fear: principio.O games abutstsaGalovny hero, Maylz Upshur, and make sure that you have difficulty (something). This is common, but it is very effective on the screen, especially for scenes with a lot of blood, and the reasons for not kryvi.perazhyvethis: is all this violence and in fact still under the skin.

Now, just to go through making mistakes that you should not do in horror than zvychayna.U first time all estáNovo, scary, frustrating and upsetting, and it’s scary, it makes your hair stuck in the race and setyour pulse. But after the first shock, survive normally. Resources “fear” of water and other problems in the game all the small changes to the above, which means ahead of and “excluded aborychag activates the button, and repeat.”

survive very linear. It’s hard to find partsxogoOnde move freely, opening the door to the room or not. This line has two clear objectives: first, to keep it scary. If this does not control what you do or where you go, you can not stimulate the activity suddenly sure that will make you jump out ofhis place.

The effect of this is that the two linear survive closely, you can see it’s just galavalomkavolat. Part of every order, and if not, then you can not asíEntón. Find “invisible”: the bit associated with sliding four feet, hidden in the closet or under thebed, dodge or run zhytstsyavelmi unusual desire for him – this is the key to progress in the game.

try not survive (or not) terrorize psychologically after the first hour. Once you have passed the initial impact, he will survive only on blood and guts-mutilation- with severalexplosions, they are all based on the relaxation of the volcano.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because, among other things, to be able to survive to know when these sequences and make him cry for his matsi.Ale unlike other games such as Amnesia (almost free linksfor the genre), where you have a real tourism and the environment of the game and the story, perazhyveTolki «BOO! I’m afraid of you! “Now.

realistic motion

One of the highlights OutubastSon controls and how they affect the game. Even plays like other first person movement we have on the screen is actually morethe body is balanced, our hands have the support of our departments, so we run, and we look back, controls all the realism, human movement and gives you firmly in the shoes of the poor.

The camcorder will be your only tool in the game. You can see in the dark with the help of formyinfrachyrvony,but the batteries in esgotarUsalo and must find replacement level. Using the camera is currently suffering in Outlast, although it is unlikely that the battery place as the top layer of complexity to the batteries, if you need the most.

Photos and effective

engine perazhytsVykarystanneUnreal 3 This is used well and, in general, very good. Even better, if the intermediate computer can push to the limit, but also enjoys excelenteRendemento.

The combination of games and kinakameryvydatnyya infrared effects (more realistic camera pan). Blood on the walls, corpses scatteredaround the place, intestines, in addition to what looks best on the trip, it is worth mentioning.

In general, last longer, than there are some lovely that overshadowed the problems nagging regular Unreal Engine 3, the physical object there (curtains these walls … ¡¡¡Aarhus!

When it comes tosound, a real star gulnizhah everything to survive is very strong. Talk Risk and horrific screams of other steps, something else, all focused on a terrible experience.


survive the big game and you have to scarebits will now take nyadovga.Usya products are very characteristic very eAíndalinear, does not exclude the excellent design class. Checks and some scenes are really worth.

survive the horrors of the best game of all time? After all it depends on who is playing and who are sensitive. In any case, if you want this kind should atrium.



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